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SSC to Launch Tuatara in the Middle East at the Dubai International Motor Show November 10-14th


WEST RICHLAND, WA - SSC, American super car manufacturer of the newly created Tuatara, will launch its latest super car design in the Middle East Region at one of the largest international motor shows in the world - The Dubai International Motor Show.

SSC Tuatara at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

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Held once every two years and popularly known as the Dubai Motor Show, the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre will have the privilege of hosting the single largest international automotive event in the Middle East.

From November 10th through November 14th, royalty, top ranking government officials, international celebrities and other VIP's will flood the Exhibition Centre as the Dubai Motor Show has a track record of pulling in crowds of affluent visitors from all of the GCC states and neighboring countries. The event is firmly established as the most lively and popular international automotive event in the region.

The SSC Tuatara is unadulterated adrenaline created to produce the ultimate driving experience. It is powered by an ultra-high-revving twin turbo V8, and generates 1350 hp at a maximum speed of 275 mph. With a compelling purpose, the SSC Tuatara beautifully balances soft, sensual volumes while taking its inspiration from prototype race cars and the innovative spirit of the American aerospace industry. The teardrop shaped canopy suspended atop the fuselage-like body and vertical stabilizing fins distinctly reflect its fighter jet influence. The use of light weight exotic materials throughout the design are featured externally by the cutting edge technology encompassed in the one-piece carbon fiber wheels by Carbon Revolution. This technology acts as the foundation for strength, beauty and extreme performance of the Tuatara.

SSC will be located at stand number SS 127 - SHEIKH SAEED HALL 1 at the Exhibition Centre. Find more articles about the Dubai International Motorshow at the official event website:

SSC will continue developing the Tuatara - finalizing all performance aspects of the vehicle, along with perfecting an interior worthy of pairing with such a stunning facade. Once all 'production vehicle' standards are met, and inspections are completed, SSC will be thrilled to take a trip across the pond to run the Tuatara at Germany's Nurburgring - the pinnacle of all road courses.

You can expect the Tuatara to up the ante on all levels. Drivers of any SSC vehicle have come to expect the world's ultimate performance automobiles. These rigid standards will be met, and nothing less will be accepted by the engineers at SSC.

Many thanks are due to the folks at Pebble Beach, and to the communities of Monterey and the surrounding areas for hosting such a fabulous event. We were proud to take part in the latest chapter of fine automobile history.

For additional photos, videos and information on SSC and the Tuatara please visit SSC's official website:

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