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Ultimate Aero Logs 241.4mph During Transmission Durability Testing

WEST RICHLAND, WA (07/24/2007)

SSC World Record Ultimate Aero

Since our first speed/durability test on March 21st, we have successfully completed a second and third session which have further confirmed our design specifications in real-world settings. As the SSC development team walks through the testing checklist of safety and durability items, the top speed capabilities of the Ultimate Aero continues to rise. The Ultimate Aero achieved a speed of 241.4 mph (388.49 kph) during a transmission temperature test on May 22nd, at a throttle position of only 71%. The transmission cooling system met specification and passed the test with flying colors, with a maximum temperature of only 172 deg. during extended high torque usage. This is just one of many recent successes the SSC team has observed during testing.

We have been working with Dewetron to validate and document speeds along with our other test data. Many of you have seen their equipment used during test videos filmed on the Top Gear program, and we have decided there is no better way to verify the results of our test sessions.

Thus far, the Ultimate Aero has performed exceptionally well and our testing has been free of major problems. Multiple tests are scheduled over the next few months to finalize testing and verify the sub-assemblies of the Ultimate Aero. We remain on schedule to break the world production speed record in the very near future. On behalf of SSC, I would like to thank you all for expressing interest and following our progress during development and testing.

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