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SSC Ultimate Aero Enjoys Successful Test Run in Nevada

WENDOVER, NV (03/21/2007)

SSC World Record Ultimate Aero

Although an unanticipated snowstorm forced us to change our plans we are very pleased with the results of our first ever high speed test session. We were able to confirm powertrain and aerodynamic characteristics of the Ultimate Aero in regards to high speed. The 1183 hp power plant had massive amounts of power left at 230 mph and our aerodynamic numbers proved our wind tunnel testing true. Confirming these findings during our first real-world high speed test makes us confident in the Ultimate Aero's capability to break the world production speed record.

We would like to thank the Nevada Department of Transportation, Blood Enterprises, and Preston Consulting who helped make our first high speed test session possible. Special thanks to Jason Thorgalsen for photographing the session and to Rob Ferretti from Super Speeders for filming. Be sure to check out the first test session article in the next issue of Modified Luxury and Exotics.

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