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Three Changes Announced for the Ultimate Aero in 2008

WEST RICHLAND, WA (03/03/2008)

SSC introduces three changes to the Ultimate Aero for 2008. The 2008 Ultimate Aero will now utilize an engine block cast specifically for the Ultimate Aero. It will come standard with SSC designed custom HRE Monoblok wheels. Finally it will sport a state of the art Azentek computer infotainment system.

After many months of development, and additional months of durability and efficiency testing SSC's new all aluminum engine block has proved itself a complete success. The new block utilizes an improved oiling system to handle the sustained high G-force cornering that the Ultimate Aero is capable of placing on the drivetrain. It produces the same power but with less stress on components while achieving an all round more efficient short-block package than the modified C5R block which was previously used. This is a tremendous breakthrough for SSC as the results of these design modifications produce even higher levels of durability and lower engine oil temperatures. This is also another milestone for SSC since it usually takes smaller, limited production companies like SSC significantly longer amounts of time to be able to cast their own block.

HRE Wheels and SSC teamed up to design and produce a unique wheel to give the 2008 Ultimate Aero a fresh look while lowering the unsprung weight. The Monoblok Series by HRE Performance Wheels is a line of forged one-piece wheels crafted from 100 percent forged 6061-T6 aluminum. With its innovative, elegant styling and impeccable craftsmanship, a custom Monoblok Series wheel has been successfully used to support SSC' Ultimate Aero. The Monoblok Series features direct bolt-in OE TPMS and utilizes OE center caps and lug hardware. HRE integrates engineering, design and manufacturing at its headquarters in Vista, California.

The Azentek Atlas system features a very long list of performance computing and entertainment capabilities including voice recognition, CANbus integration, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, CDRW/DVD/MP3/WMA, GPS navigation, built-in WIFI, 3G/GPRS internet connectivity and much more! "We are extremely pleased that Shelby Super Cars has chosen Azentek and the new AtlasT 2DIN computer infotainment system to be the standard head unit for the Ultimate Aero", said Derek Prentice, Azentek's National Sales Manager; "The high performance technology of the Atlas in the Ultimate Aero is a natural fit for the world's most powerful and fastest production car." The Azentek Atlas unit will not only provide SSC with state-of-the-art mobile technology it will enable SSC to remotely connect, communicate, and upgrade Ultimate Aeros as necessary.

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